RV Life Hacks: The Ultimate Guide on How to Hang a Towel Rack In an RV In 4 Simple Steps


RV Life Hacks: The Ultimate Guide on How to Hang a Towel Rack In an RV Like a Pro

RV life is an adventure like no other. The open road, the freedom to explore, and the cozy comfort of your home on wheels are all part of the charm. However, making the most out of your RV space requires some creative thinking. One often overlooked but essential aspect is how to hang a towel rack in an RV. In this ultimate guide, we’ll share ingenious RV life hacks to help you hang a towel rack like a pro

How to hang a towel rack in an RV



Living the RV life brings excitement and challenges, with space optimization being a top priority. A well-placed towel rack not only adds convenience but also enhances the aesthetic of your RV bathroom. Let’s delve into the details of a proper way how to hang a towel rack in an RV matters and how to accomplish it like a seasoned traveler.

Proper Way to hang a towel rack in an RV

In the confined quarters of an RV, every inch of space counts. Properly hanging towels keeps them dry, organized, and accessible, while also preventing clutter. Moreover, a thoughtfully placed towel rack can contribute to improved ventilation, helping to control moisture in the RV.

Choosing the Right Towel Rack

Before you begin the installation process, consider the available options for towel racks. Compact, wall-mounted racks or over-the-door hooks are excellent choices for RVs due to their space-saving nature. Look for designs that match your RV’s interior and are durable enough to withstand the vibrations of travel.

Gathering the Necessary Tools and Supplies

How To hang a towel rack in an RV successfully, gather the following tools and supplies:

  1. Measuring tape
  2. Pencil
  3. Level
  4. Drill with appropriate bits of Wall anchors or screws
  5. Towel racks or hooks
  6. Screwdriver
  7. Optional: adhesive strips or hooks

Step-by-Step Guide: How to hang a towel rack in an RV

Gathering Tools and Materials

Make sure you have all the necessary equipment and supplies on hand before you begin.

Locating the Ideal Position
Decide where you want to hang the towel rack. Consider convenience, accessibility, and aesthetics.

Preparing the Surface
Clean and dry the chosen area thoroughly. Mark the positions for drilling with a pencil.

Attaching the Mounting Hardware
If using wall anchors, drill holes and insert them. Attach the mounting hardware securely.

Mounting the Towel Rack
Carefully mount the towel rack on the prepared surface. Make sure it’s straight, use a level.
Securing for Travel
To prevent the towel rack from moving during travel, use additional securing methods such as bungee cords or adhesive strips.

Tips for Maximizing Small Space
Utilizing Vertical Space
Make the most of vertical space by installing multiple towel racks, one above the other.

Multi-Functional Towel Racks
Opt for towel racks with built-in shelves or hooks to hang other bathroom essentials.

Command Hooks and Adhesive Solutions
For a temporary solution, use command hooks or adhesive towel hooks. These are especially useful if you’re hesitant to drill into your RV walls.

Maintenance and Durability

Regularly check the towel rack for any signs of wear or loosening. If necessary, tighten screws, and replace any broken components right away.


In the world of RV life, every inch of space matters. Learning how to hang a towel rack in an RV efficiently can greatly improve your day-to-day comfort and organization. By following these RV life hacks, you’ll be able to enjoy a clutter-free, well-organized bathroom no matter where your travels take you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I use adhesive hooks instead of drilling holes for the towel rack?
Yes, adhesive hooks are a convenient alternative for temporary towel-hanging solutions.

2. How can I ensure the towel rack doesn’t fall during travel?
You can use bungee cords or adhesive strips to secure the towel rack in place.

3. What materials are best for a durable towel rack in an RV?
Look for materials like stainless steel or aluminum that are both lightweight and resistant to rust.

4. Can I install multiple towel racks in a small RV bathroom?
Absolutely! Installing multiple towel racks vertically can save space and provide extra storage.

5. How often should I check and maintain the towel rack?
Perform regular checks for stability and wear. Tighten screws and address any issues as soon as you notice them.

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