How To Remove Towel Rack Without Damaging Your Wall: 4 Simple Steps

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Learn how to remove towel rack without damaging your wall. Follow our 4 simple and easy steps and transform your bathroom in no time! Hey there, Bathroom towel racks serve a dual purpose as both functional and decorative elements. In the world of bathroom design, things change a lot. What used to be cool can become uncool pretty fast. Therefore, the first step is typically to remove towel rack from the old one, whether you want to give your bathroom a new design or simply need to get rid of an old towel rack that has seen better days. This task can be challenging, particularly when there are no visible screws or when the towel rack is securely adhered to the wall. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through identifying your specific type of towel rack and share the best techniques to remove towel rack so it’s safe and efficient.

Before You Begin

Before diving into the removal process, consider these key points:

  1. Replacement Length

    If you plan to replace or remove towel rack, aim to find one that matches the length of your current one. This increases the likelihood of the new towel rack’s posts covering any wall damage left by the old rack.

  2. Tile Wall Consideration

    If your towel rack is screwed into a tile wall, keep in mind that repairing or concealing the holes afterward can be challenging. Finding a replacement that aligns perfectly with existing holes is often an exercise in futility. Therefore, think carefully before proceeding with removal.

    tools equpment

What You’ll Need


  • Drywall taping knife
  • Utility knife
  • Paintbrush
  • Screwdriver
  • Allen wrench or mini screwdriver
  • Hammer or pry bar
  • Oscillating multitool
  • Dust mask
  • Eye protection


  • Drywall joint compound
  • Paint

Step-by-Step Instructions

towel rack
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Step 1: Remove Towel Rack With a Set Screw

  1. Locate the Set Screw:

    Begin by closely examining the base of the towel rack’s end posts. Many towel racks feature a small set screw hidden inside, securing the towel bar to a bracket on the wall. Look at the bottom or inside of the end posts where the towel bar meets the wall, as the set screw is usually tiny and concealed.

  2. Determine the Required Tool:

    Once you’ve found the set screw, identify the tool needed to loosen it. Typically, you’ll require a small Allen wrench or a mini screwdriver.

  3. Loosen the Set Screw:

    Using the appropriate tool, gently loosen the set screw. If there’s one on each side of the towel bar, ensure you loosen both.

  4. Remove the Towel Rack:

    Depending on the model and manufacturer, this step may be different.. However, in most cases, you’ll need to push up or out on the base of the end posts. It can be helpful to pull outward from the wall simultaneously.

  5. Remove the Brackets:

    Remove the drywall anchors as well as the brackets by unscrewing and removing them from the wall. anchors since it’s unlikely that the towel bar ends align perfectly with the wall studs. Unscrew the screws and remove the bracket, then use needle-nose pliers to extract the drywall anchors.

Step 2: Remove towel Rack With No Visible Screw

  1. Locate the Locking Tab:

    In scenarios where there’s no visible set screw, the end posts are likely attached to the bracket via a locking tab system. Search along the base of the end posts to find this locking tab, typically located at the bottom or side.

  2. Depress the Locking Tab:

    Utilize a small screwdriver to depress the locking tab, releasing the end post from the bracket.

  3. Remove the End Post:

    Adjust the end post’s position while depressing the locking tab. Begin by pulling it away from the tab’s location. If this doesn’t work, try pulling from different angles until you find the one that releases the post from the bracket. Repeat for the second end post.

  4. Remove the Brackets:

    Unscrew and remove the brackets from the wall, along with the drywall anchors.

Step 3: Remove Towel Rack Secured With Adhesive or Mortar

  1. Attempt to Remove Towel Rack:

    In cases with no visible set screws or locking tabs, the towel rack may be firmly attached to the wall with adhesive or mortar. Apply gentle force to try and pull the rack off the wall. For towel racks on drywall, consider scoring the base’s outline with a utility knife to prevent excessive wall damage.

  2. Cut Through Adhesive or Mortar:

    You’ll need to cut through the adhesive or mortar if the towel rack is difficult to remove. An oscillating multi-tool is the most efficient tool for this task. Carefully position the blade between the post base and the wall and make the necessary cuts. Repeat for the second post.

  3. Clean Off Remaining Material:

    After removing the towel rack, clean any remaining adhesive residue from the wall using a scraper or sander.

Step 4: Patching the Wall After Remove Towel Rack

  1. Get the Anchor Holes Ready

    If the holes where the anchors were are in good shape and not messed up, you don’t need to do this step. However, if the holes are large and the drywall around them is frayed, additional preparation is needed. Start by using a utility knife to trim away any frayed paper around the holes. Be careful not to enlarge the holes in the process, as this would require a more complex patch.

  2. Fill the Holes and Paint:

    Fill the anchor holes with drywall joint compound and allow it to dry thoroughly. Once dry, sand the patched areas smooth and paint over them to match your wall’s color.

    If  you want to see a practical tutorial then watch this

How Often to Remove Towel Rack

Towel racks typically require replacement when they break or when the brackets become loose. People often think the towel bar itself needs replacing, but it’s usually the brackets coming loose from the wall. or if you have an RV towel rack and you struggling with how to hang a towel rack in the RV then read this blog post. This can be due to screws backing out of the wall or, more commonly, drywall anchors loosening In these situations, it’s crucial to remove the towel bar, brackets, and anchors, fix the holes, and repaint the wall before moving the towel bar to a piece of drywall that hasn’t been harmed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't worry; that's what wall filler and paint are for!

To remove a towel rack without visible screws, you need to find out how it is attached to the wall and use the appropriate tools to detach it. Some possible methods are:

  • Loosening the hidden set screws with an Allen wrench or a screwdriver and lifting the posts and bar off the wall brackets.
  • Pushing a flat-head screwdriver into the release slot on the bottom of the posts and lifting them off the brackets.
  • Cutting through the adhesive or mortar around the posts with a utility knife or a razor blade and prying them off with a pry bar or a putty knife.

Conclusion to remove towel rack

By following these detailed step-by-step instructions to remove towel rack, you can confidently remove a kerchief rack from your restroom wall, anyhow whether it’s secured with set screws, locking tabs, or glue. This guide equips you with the knowledge and skills to prepare the space for a new towel rack or other bathroom decor updates effectively. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a beginner, enjoy the process of transforming your bathroom with ease!

Now that we’ve covered the essential steps, let’s delve deeper into each removal method, providing additional tips and insights for a successful towel rack removal project.

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